Some of you will know me from Absolutely Fabulous. We are still the wonderful service that you have experience we have just decided that after 13 years its time to rebrand. We have purchased some more fabulous stock from overseas and within New Zealand.  We started back in 2007 with the vision of helping my daughters friends  and and families preparing to attend their first ever ball and not knowing where to begin and parents worried about the cost.  I felt that I could help. I was working full time in another business but felt I needed something that was mine. I have learn't many things in my time of running the business and have helped many people feel good and look good having lots of fun and smiles.

A short time after opening I found that my service was valuable for any women any age or size because we all struggle with the same things when it comes to wanting and needing to look good for THE EVENT.  So I broadened my range to include dresses that was suitable for the older women.  My size range is from 6 to 26. I do have numerous wraps, bolero's and evening jackets so don't worry about a sleeveless dress I'm sure we have something to suit and if I need to make something I will. 

While a lot of my dresses are not designer labeled, they are more than acceptable for the event you might be attending. I don't believe you need a label to find the right fit, style or colour to compliment and make you feel good. Feeling good is what its all about.


Is to help you best prepare for your event. For many people whether you are young or old you could be going to your first ever formal dinner, school ball, celebratory function of some sort.  No matter you age, shape or size we all want to look good, feel good and be comfortable, thats why you come to Attire for Hire. Most of us struggle at times with how we are feeling and how we look especially with that EVENT coming.  Many people who have used my service know that if it doesn't look right I will steer you in another direction or if its just a strap shorten or a small dart done to make the fit correct then we can do that also.


The most common thing I hear when people enter my store is "I just want a plain dress" which we can help with ,however it would be 8/10 that end up hiring something just a little more special and feeling good about it.  We all have images in our mind about how we look (our bits that we want to disguise, that by the way it's only ourselves that notices those bits), or maybe it goes the other way, we think we look better than we really do in our style of clothing. We have preconceived ideas that a particular style or cut are our only options or that our colours have been done (a long time ago) and we need to stick to those colours. Through our life our colours change just as our bodies do.

Fabric and cut of a dress does make a difference just the same as the fit when it comes to looking good.  In our everyday wear we normally have some form of stretch.  A lot of formal wear does not.  Sometimes you need to go up a size or two.  I have found in the last couple of years that imported items from overseas does not cater for the New Zealand shaped women.  Sure if your small enough you can visit many stores and just buy of the shelf but for as many people that can do that there are those of us out there that have a slighty larger bust, who are short or have a big butt that struggle with attaining the right fit. The other thing that quite often gets overlooked is your undergarments.  A bra that gives you the right lift and sometimes those hold me tight undergarments can give a nice clean fit.  

Judy Liddell


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